Robotic Demolition Services

Innovative Thinking – Innovative Equipment

Experience the difference that Robotics can make on your job site.  Our fleet of Robotic equipment allows us to drill, crush, break and remove concrete in a productive manner, while ensuring zero emissions, reduced noise pollution, and optimized value for money.  Robotic demolition is also one of the safest ways to remove concrete.    

Robotic demolition creates a way for us to be able to transport processed concrete from site to a disposal area.   Our track-mounted robot (DXR) and the ED800 reduces the human resources that required to do the same work.  CCC Construction’s goal is to optimize production capabilities and increase safety on job sites, and provide value for money for our  valued customers.


The DXR is a compact machine that fits into confined spaces, where sometimes humans cannot safely access.  With limitless rotation and long reach, the DXR helps our operators get the job done.  It is easy to transport and light weight.  This piece of equipment improves safety on the job site by having wireless remote control.  

This maneuverable, compact and powerful machine is versatile; it can be combined with a variety of attachments/tools.   The DXR has a Bucket, a Hydraulic crushing attachment capable of opening to 16 ¾” and Hoe ram.  


The ED800 has been nothing short of a revelation. The ability to substantially increase pay loads and transport material quickly, while being compact enough to fit through standard doorways has dramatically improved our ability to add value to our services, with our clients being the ultimate benefactors of this. 

The ED800 has also rounded out our fleet (which also includes a track-mounted robot with concrete crushing, breaking and loading capabilities), to offer concrete removal solutions to our Clients who require zero emission and noise-sensitive solutions, while being able to execute large scale work at a fast pace. 


CCC Group is a highly experienced company both in management and field operations.